Max Medica stands as a stalwart institution founded in 2010 by a consortium of immensely skilled and dedicated professionals. Guided by a visionary business leader, our mission has been to establish an unparalleled paradigm in the provision of medical and surgical equipment, encompassing general medical supplies as well as laboratory essentials.

With an intricately structured framework and an adept team, we ardently cater to our client’s needs, consistently exceeding their expectations. Max Medica Supplies holds official registration as a private enterprise and adheres unwaveringly to the tax regulations stipulated by the Kurdistan-Iraq jurisdiction.

Our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and product quality has earned us a distinguished reputation on both local and regional fronts. We firmly believe that the bedrock of success lies in the pursuit of quality and excellence, essential elements that confer a competitive edge to any endeavor. To that end, we continuously fortify and elevate our operational systems, forging robust connections and nurturing partnerships to ensure the delivery of unparalleled and punctual services to our esteemed clientele.

In today’s global economic landscape, the hallmarks of achievement are partnership, collaboration, and unity. At Max Medica, this philosophy is deeply ingrained in our approach as we collaborate with esteemed manufacturing and distribution entities worldwide.

Our commitment to serving you extends beyond mere words – we stand poised and accessible, prepared to furnish you with our array of professional services and meticulously sourced products. Moreover, our dedicated maintenance services stand as a testament to our resolve to assist you in achieving your objectives within the rapidly evolving healthcare sector.


At Max Medica Ltd, our unwavering commitment lies in upholding the core tenets upon which we were founded – a dedication to delivering services steeped in quality, integrity, and industriousness. Our pledge is to maintain the highest echelons of ethical conduct within the service supply sector. Through steadfast adherence to these principles, we have garnered recognition from the health industry, cementing our reputation as a reliable enterprise synonymous with integrity, elevated standards, and exemplary service. Our enduring focus remains on catering to our clients with a personal touch that reflects our values.


Our mission at Max Medica Ltd is resolute – to provide our customers with unwaveringly dependable and economically viable equipment and services. This commitment is realized through meticulous curation, ensuring the selection of the most fitting medical machinery, tools, and equipment.

We envision ascending to the pinnacle as the premier medical equipment service provider in Kurdistan, Iraq. Beyond borders, we aspire to carve a global presence through the introduction of innovative service avenues. Our dedication extends to surpassing conventional norms and customer expectations in service delivery, thus setting a new benchmark in excellence.

Furthermore, we hold firm in our resolve to foster gender equality within our workplace and beyond its confines. By championing this cause, we aim to contribute to a more equitable society.

As torchbearers in the healthcare sector, we view it as our duty to actively engage in addressing the myriad challenges that confront the industry. With unwavering commitment, we lend our efforts to proactively alleviate issues and effect positive change.

Through these tenets, Max Medica Ltd stands as a beacon of integrity, progress, and dedication in the realm of medical equipment and services.