Welcome to Genesystem, your partner in cutting-edge molecular testing solutions. As a renowned distributor, we are excited to showcase our collaboration with the global leader in multiplex point-of-care molecular testing solutions.

Since our establishment in 2010, Genesystem has been at the forefront of biotech engineering, specializing in on-site molecular testing solutions. Our focus lies in developing and offering state-of-the-art PCR platforms, along with related reagents and biochip products. These advancements are meticulously crafted to elevate the well-being of human societies and elevate overall human life quality.

Our expertise extends across various fields, including clinical diagnostics, food testing, and veterinary diagnostics. Through strategic partnerships with international collaborators, we’ve harnessed vast potential in the rapidly expanding point-of-care molecular testing market. Genesystem’s unwavering commitment to research and development is geared towards introducing a range of innovative products, including the renowned GENECHECKER® series of PCR platforms, SMARTCHEK® molecular testing assays, and MultiCHEK® multiplex biochip products.

Rest assured, our engineering prowess and industry knowledge combine to bring unparalleled value to our client’s applications. We’re dedicated to realizing our ambitious vision of becoming the foremost global leader in point-of-care molecular testing markets. By doing so, we aim to contribute significantly to the betterment of societies worldwide.

We extend a warm invitation to explore our website and discover the remarkable journey that Genesystem has embarked upon. Thank you for considering us as your partner in revolutionizing the landscape of molecular testing.

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